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2015 Jennifer Catherine Photography

Posted by Jennifer Catherine Photography on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

LIV Miami

Miami Music Week 2014 - LIV Miami with Tiesto - 3/27/14

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Sirius XM Lounge

Miami Music Week 2014 - Sirius XM Lounge @ The W with Tiesto - 3/26/14

Just In Time

Dedicated to all the dreamers and believers.

   Having been a photographer for 7 years now, I understand what it takes to pursue your passion. Through years trial and error, with enough patiences and focus, you can master your craft. Just don't forget to enjoy the journey. 

   A new adventure begins this with week as I follow the one and only Tiesto around Miami for MMW capturing the energy and moments through my eyes. Check out my Facebook Page to see my stories.